Droitwich Salt

Droitwich Salt is sourced from one of the oldest and purest brine springs in the world. These springs have naturally existed beneath Droitwich Spa for millions of years. Today, this pure and natural flavour still comes through.

The salt is harvested by hand at Churchfields Saltworks where the gentle process of crystallising the natural brine to pure salt is done using renewable energy.

Churchfields Farm has been owned by the Davies family for over 100 years and is currently run by the fourth generation. They are located in the village of Salwarpe, near Droitwich in Worcestershire. Back in 1913, the farm was 45 acres and home to a herd of 15 dairy shorthorns. The farm has now grown to 350 acres.

The salt made in Droitwich was an internationally valuable resource in Roman, Anglo Saxon and Norman Times and King John granted the town a Royal Charter in 1215 based on the importance of its brine. Droitwich Spa was subsequently one of the most prosperous towns in Medieval Times right through to the 20th Century.

Every single one of their salts has won a great taste award, clear evidence of undeniable quality. They even use plastic free packaging in their products.

We are excited to be able to bring their creations to your door. They’ll be ready for next Wednesday’s delivery day. Stay tuned to see what’s in stock.